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Author Topic: Craigbourne Dam Stocked Rainbows and a decent brown  (Read 471 times)


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Craigbourne Dam Stocked Rainbows and a decent brown
« on: June 11, 2019, 12:43:18 pm »
With the Derwent River shutting down with the cold weather I needed a new location to do some lure testing and taking advantage of some reasonable winter weather decided to target Craigbourne Dam Saturday.  Coincidentally the IFS had stocked 1500 Rainbows just for me during the week preceding.

Planned to launch at first light, which is a lie I always tell myself and was pleased to arrive just after sun up.  Surprisingly I was alone, albeit for just a few minutes with a small tinny and a half cab arriving.

Boat Launching is difficult due to low water levels and even though they've extended the ramp with some concrete, it's still submerged and unsafe/unsuitable.

Gearing up I found that this time I'd left the sounder battery cable at home.  No matter how many times I fish I somehow always forget something, and this item meant I'd be fishing blind as the original plan was to sound up and sit on the schools.   With the Rainbows being domestic stock they tend to stick together in schools for a while before dispersing.

The plan was now to troll around and hope for the best.

From the launch I headed out into the bay just past the heads figuring the fish would be holding here, before venturing out into the Dam proper but was surprised to find nothing but a Redfin.  Figuring it may just be too early I headed for the back of the Dam Wall.

With the small tiny trolling the edge at speed I stayed wider and hooked my first Bow before even reaching the dam wall.  The fish hit a DR57S (shallow diver) in the new Sun Dog colour being trolled slower than average, I'd guess around 3km/h.

[ Guests cannot view attachments ]

Both the boats were working the mid water and despite saying their sounder was lit up, weren't catching fish on their cast soft plastics.

I also failed to find anymore fish so again headed out to the Bay to search my favourite spot for catching Bigger Browns and wasn't disappointed.  Trolling two lures my outboard rod, rigged with the DR57S - Sun Dog was hit hard twice and second time I missed the hook set.  With rod in hand I hoped the fish would come back and try again, which it did, but on the inboard rod still trolling alongside.

The 50+cm brown smashed the LSP55S - Coral Snake broadside firmly embedding the middle treble.  The fish stupidly swam directly to my boat so the fight was over quickly and the Brown photographed and returned quickly.

[ Guests cannot view attachments ]

Trolling on I spied a big splash on the far shore near the point and headed over but was cut off by the small tinny who were trolling far too quickly at around 5+km/h.  Following behind I figured the sound of their little outboard might bring the fish up but to no avail.

The boat then motored over my favourite spot inshore of the first stand of timber so I begrudgingly went wide and was about to turn around when I spied some line wrapped around the lowest branches of a big tree and headed over hoping to score a free lure.

What I found instead where the Rainbows and whilst fighting one on the outboard (DR57S - Sun Dog) the inboard (LSP55S - Coral Snake) also went off and I netted a pigeon pair of feisty Rainbow Trout.

[ Guests cannot view attachments ]

Trolling past in reverse I hooked yet another and due to some outstandingly terrible angling dropped it.  Another pass and another fish again on the Coral Snake then it went quiet for a while.

[ Guests cannot view attachments ]

Figuring the fish had either scattered or gone down I tied on the new GL65D - Jayne deep diver (2m) and straight away hooked my sixth fish.

[ Guests cannot view attachments ]

With my bag full I decided to now go into full testing mode and deployed a new, new "Chonky Boi" CB82 - Perch.  These are a big Bass style 90mm minnow from the U.S and it proved successful straight away with a larger Rainbow engulfing the rear trebles.

[ Guests cannot view attachments ]

With my bag full I donated this fish to a French angler who was working at the end of the Dam and as I dropped it over he hooked his own decent sized brown trolling a Tassie Devil just behind the last stand of tree's before you head down the river.

On the way I also accidentally managed another Reddie.

Calling it a day after 5 hours I was disappointed I'd told the missus I'd be home at lunch as I could have quite happily sat there all day catching Trout, an opportunity you don't come across often.

I donated 4 of the 5 to a mate that night and kept one for myself and I must say they ate beautifully.

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