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Competitions / Re: Pirtek Fishing Challenge 2019
« Last post by meppstas on March 23, 2019, 05:10:27 pm »
   Here's the results for Tasmania..

  ** Australian Salmon **
1st   69.00cm   Colin Black
2nd   60.50cm   Marty Monson
3rd   45.30cm   Andrew Dyson

Mystery Length - 48.0cm   46.10cm   Casey Spinks

Jr 1st   58.70cm   Leo Fraser
Jr 2nd   53.80cm   Callum Smith

    ** Trout (brown or rainbow) **
Jr 1st   66.90cm   Campbell Hills
Jr 2nd   55.50cm   Tasharyne Banfield

1st   71.00cm   Chris Tuthill
2nd   70.30cm   Connor Sharman
3rd   67.20cm   James Triffett

Mystery Length - 47.5cm   47.50cm   Tony Robertson

 ** Prizes as follows:

Mystery Length   $2000 cash

1st Prize   $830 prize pack pack, courtesy of Berkley, Abu Garcia, Spotters and Valvoline
2nd Prize   $375 prize pack, courtesy of Berkley, Abu Garcia, and Valvoline
3rd Prize   $272 prize pack, courtesy of Lowrance

1st Junior   $200 BCF gift voucher
2nd Junior   $130 BCF gift vouch
Freshwater Reports / Re: Pirtek Challenge 2019, trout not large enough.
« Last post by meppstas on March 21, 2019, 06:06:37 pm »
read that initial, and this report as soon as you posted mate and we really appreciate you giving our products a run.  I just don't get out after Trout enough to give them a thorough work out and thought if an astute angler, such as yourself, is happy to give them more than one go then we're getting the colours (at least somewhat) right.

I know you're not supposed to have a favourite child, but I do prefer the DR57 range (Sandy etc) as they have a really nice slow sink, almost suspend action in salt/estuarine waters as opposed to the LSP55 which are a standard float, but this really applies more to Bream than trout.

We've got some more colour patterns in mind that we'll be painting over Winter specifically for Trout and we know the first person we'll be sending them to for testing.  thumbsup1

No worries, only too happy to help out any time.. it's like every thing with fishing Nathan, we all have our favorites.. agree1
I have around ten of them... doh1 doh1

Competitions / Re: Pirtek Fishing Challenge 2019
« Last post by meppstas on March 21, 2019, 06:03:12 pm »
Yes Adrian, fishing this time around, just had that something different about it. I'll definitely be going again next time as well. thank you for your starting post, that's what got me to enter in the first place. goodjob1

cheers Andrew.

You're welcome Andrew, there's been a couple of years when the weather's been so poor & I never bothered to fish, but that's just the way it goes.. When I have gone fishing I've always had a trout to measure & send in hoping to pick up the mystery length... $2,000 would come in very handy.. agree1  This year was my smallest trout that I've sent in & at 34/25 cms I reckon I won't be any richer this time either.. grin1 grin1  What I also like about it is that it makes one all the more determined to catch a fish on the day.. gonefishing1

Saltwater Reports / Re: Eaglehawk neck
« Last post by meppstas on March 21, 2019, 05:56:22 pm »
Let's hope something is done about in and quickly too.. would hate to see anyone get seriously injured.. even more so if it did decide to launch itself into a small/medium size boat that had children in it let alone adults.. I for one would be worrying each time I launched & returned to that ramp..

Estuary Reports / Re: Flathead and Whiting
« Last post by meppstas on March 21, 2019, 05:49:03 pm »
Good to see you finished up with a decent feed of KGW's, great eating fish.. thumbsup1

Fishing Videos, & DVD's / Great start on the trout before it slowed down..
« Last post by meppstas on March 21, 2019, 09:46:08 am »
This trip was a few weeks ago when the spin session started off really well before the trout shut down..
feel free to hit the like button or even subscribe if you'd like to... I don't do these videos to try & make money out of them, I do them to share my trout fishing experiences and hopefully there may be a few tips you the viewer can pick up which may help your trout fishing..


Estuary Reports / Flathead and Whiting
« Last post by WazzaB on March 20, 2019, 07:11:35 pm »
Went out on trip with a mate down from Qld and searched high and low in all of my usual spots from Betsy Island to the Pigeon Holes for those elusive legal sized flathead.  Probably caught literally hundreds of undersized versions but only 5 keepers.  Luckily we also caught 3 calamari and 15 decent sized whiting which gave the family  a feed. 

Finding it very hard to catch anything other than undersized flatties recently.

Freshwater Reports / Re: Pirtek Challenge 2019, trout not large enough.
« Last post by meppstas on March 20, 2019, 02:52:44 pm »
Thanks Paul,
Yes it was good to give a few lures & trout gear a good work out Paul, small/medium trout were still fun to catch on the ultra light set up..  thumbsup1
2014 was my best Pirtek Challenge when I came second over all in the Tasmanian Freshwater section with a Mersey River brown that went 56 cms, caught that fish in the first twenty minutes into the session in the river on a small 1.5 gram Black Fury spinner..

Freshwater Reports / Re: Pirtek Challenge 2019, trout not large enough.
« Last post by reddory on March 20, 2019, 10:13:41 am »
Some nice fish there, Adrian, even though not comp winners.  And a chance to properly try out some new gear, by the sound of it.  Always great to have a day out like that, isn't it?

Saltwater Reports / Re: Eaglehawk neck
« Last post by Dan on March 19, 2019, 06:00:35 pm »
He was there last time I went out in a charter probably nearly 12months ago now. There was a guy there chatting to boat owners as they came in trying to convince them not to feed him scraps and frames as it could make him dependant and in turn aggressive.
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