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Title: Woods lake
Post by: Ieatseafood on October 05, 2019, 07:47:20 pm
2 day trips over 2 weekends to woods. First weekend was a breezy SW start to the morning 7am. it took about 20 mins to get our first touch and after that it didnít stop until we knocked off at 2. Ended up boating 13 odd fish ranging in size, list plenty more. Kept a few for the smoker.
2nd weekend 7am start again was a complete glass out but chilly! No cloud cover at all and quite a bright day, we struggled to catch much. My son landed s good one at 48cm. A couple more smaller ones but that was it.
All caught on Hueyís and repalas. We had a ball, canít wait to get back to the highlands itís quite the adventure 👍
Title: Re: Woods lake
Post by: reddory on October 06, 2019, 03:51:36 pm
Some fine looking fish there: well done!  Interesting colouration: if you hadn't clearly said they were from Woods lake, they could almost be taken for sea-runners, with that silvery sheen and no red spots.  Bet they came up well on the plate, too!
Title: Re: Woods lake
Post by: Earlybird on October 07, 2019, 08:09:53 am
Woods at the weekend was like a regatta cars parked up on main road very popular place at the moment
Saturday started of calm  until about 10am when a northerly sprung up made it a bit choppy the fish were a bit slow to take but when they did it was a hard take and run . Most of the fish we caught were in top condition very orange, a bit on the small side but are the best eating fish around. Full of stick cadis ,snail and shrimp. The only down side to Woods lake at the moment is the idiots speeding on the road doing 80 kmh  slow down it's not a race track,the fish will be there they can't escape,  I don't need to be in an accident because of some one else's stupidity
Title: Re: Woods lake
Post by: Ieatseafood on October 07, 2019, 08:30:22 pm
80kmph! I wouldnít even attempt that without a boat in tow! 40kms is nearly to fast on that rocky road gonefishing1
Title: Re: Woods lake
Post by: doublehookup on October 11, 2019, 08:25:49 pm
Gíday guys, nice haul of fish there. I was there on Wednesday six mates in three boats we landed 33 fish and lost a few more. They were all in good nick and the ones we kept were really orange, also full of stick caddis and snails. They really hit hard and most of them jumped out of the water and put up a good show. There was sixteen trailers at the ramp when we came back in. And 80 Klms on that road would shake the guts out of the car let alone the boat. 40 is plenty fast enough itís still a pretty rough track in there.
Title: Re: Woods lake
Post by: Ieatseafood on October 12, 2019, 08:06:25 pm
Good work!
We had another go Friday and Saturday morning and boated 29 fish between 4 of us. Kept a few for the table. Youíre spot on they hit hard and love to have a jump or 2. Itís a busy place, I hope it remains a good fishery!
We fished Rowallan, Arthurs and Great Lake with little success, only 4 from them combined.
Nice bit of snow on the drive in Saturday morning to woods to!
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