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Title: Penstock a pale shadow
Post by: reddory on May 22, 2018, 04:27:52 pm
Well, I have gone on the record here as observing that since the IFS closed off the spawning canals and turned Penstock Lagoon into a "stocked" fishery, it has gone downhill.  Others seem to have agreed with me,  reporting over-populated car parks, too many boats, and big numbers of not especially big fish.

IFS released a news item this week, detailing a sampling they did of Penstock just after the last season closed.  Here it is, verbatim:

Penstock Lagoon - Brown Trout Population Assessment May 2018
Published on May 17, 2018

With the brown trout season closed, we took the opportunity to assess the fishery at Penstock Lagoon. We wanted to see the number, and the condition, of the fish remaining after the 2017-18 season. The results were very positive.
During the first week of May, we undertook a survey using box traps.  Over two nights, we captured 446 brown trout and 10 rainbow trout.
An interesting outcome is the number of fish identified from 2014 and 2016 adult brown trout transfers.
The 2014 brown trout were marked with an adipose fin clip. These fish represented 12% of the catch. They had increased in weight by an average of 148% to 1.27 kg.
The 2016 brown trout were marked with a distinctive punch in the adipose fin. These fish represented 16% of the catch. They had increased in weight by an average of 32% to 1.31 kg.
Unmarked brown trout weighed an average of 1.18 kg.  It is likely these are brown trout transferred last year. These fish came from multiple trap sites and were a wide range of sizes.
The average weight for the all brown trout caught was 1.25 kg with 45% weighing between 1.25 – 1.75 kg.  The heaviest fish weighed in at 2.3 kg.
The average length of the brown trout was 477mm.  There were some smaller fish, around 290-310 mm length.  These are probably last year’s transfers.
The condition of the fish was good to excellent. We caught very few fish of poor condition.
These are preliminary results; we will post a full technical report on our website in a few months.

So, fish that have been there 4 years since being stocked as adults are still only averaging 1.27kilos.  That's less than 3 lbs in the old measure.  The BIGGEST fish they found was barely 5lbs in the old money.  Back in the day, Penstock fish I used to catch AVERAGED 4-5lb and big ones were nearer 6-7lbs.

'Nuff said?!!
Title: Re: Penstock a pale shadow
Post by: meppstas on May 24, 2018, 10:30:16 am
Not good at all Paul, why don't you write a letter or send an email to the IFS Advisory Council and put it to them as that's what they're there for.. Also there's the Angler's Alliance too..
I don't hesitate to let them know if I feel something needs fixing... they can be contacted on the following sites..

Title: Re: Penstock a pale shadow
Post by: Paddlefish Tasmania on May 25, 2018, 08:32:32 am
Whilst I know nothing of Penstock this gripe has certainly been gaining voice for a long time now.  Waterways that previously gave just a few fish, but big one's, now containing lots and lots of average size fish instead.  You don't really see or here of any monsters being caught anymore.

This seems to be the goal of the IFS, to stock every water with lots of fish so everyone that heads out can catch one regardless of skill level.  Whilst I understand it and in some cases support it, in the draft management plan they talk about trophy waterways but I'm yet to see any such actual Lake?

personally I think the IFS are purely a financial organisation, doing everything they can to sell licence's.
Title: Re: Penstock a pale shadow
Post by: rogun on May 28, 2018, 10:13:28 pm
There goes another 1587 X 800 g brownies into the so called Jewel of the Highlands,
You know the place they call Penstock, the aptly re-named, PUT AND TAKE PREMIER POND FISHERY IN TASMANIA,

Yes, the fishery that attracts all and sundry from the mainland that fuel up and stock, for the most part, their caravans, campers, motor homes, ice boxes, etc  before they board the boat for the trip over because its cheaper to do so, and flog the place silly.

Why cant the so called professional bodies responsible for planning our fisheries listen to the locals that live here and have fished here since the day DOT,  at least preserve the one lagoon that was often difficult to fish yet rewarding with decent fine large fish, LEAVE THE PLACE ALONE for the locals,

I fished it for 25 plus years and I am not going back, I am so sick and tired of stepping over poo paper in the car park and on the walking tracks because a little care isn't taken to do the right thing.

 censored1  badday1 you will not get license fees from me any more. that's my gripe, enough said
Title: Re: Penstock a pale shadow
Post by: FHTasmania on January 04, 2021, 04:15:45 pm
Fished penstock for 3 days didn't catch a thing....
Title: Re: Penstock a pale shadow
Post by: reddory on January 06, 2021, 06:00:20 am
Fished penstock for 3 days didn't catch a thing....
Just a query: was that late last week - in all that east/south-easterly weather?  The central highlands lakes are notorious for completely shutting down in those conditions, so it wouldn't have been just Penstock.  My wife and I took the boat for a 400km round trip Thursday and Friday, around Dee, Bronte, Brady's chain and Wayatinah and didn't bother getting it wet!
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