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Author Topic: Montague Bay 3rd July 2011  (Read 2594 times)


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Montague Bay 3rd July 2011
« on: July 07, 2011, 04:00:16 pm »
With the good wife having lunch with a friend at the Waterfront Hotel, I decided to sneak in an hours fishing in the relatively sheltered waters of Mantague Bay. There was a slight breeze, but it was certainly bearable conditions for satisfying the urge to head out for a fish.

Today was a day to keep practicing my techniques for the humble Flathead on SPs that I am hoping to have a serious crack at in the coming warmer months this year. To make this a little more interesting for myself too, I decided to go bigger on the SPs and jigheads while keeping the line at a very light 4lb.

Using a 1/4oz homemade bullet head jighead with a 1/0 hook and a 5" Gulp white minnow, I started flicking the SP out towards the moored pontoon that sits out there on the edge of the deeper water. After about 15 minutes, I had my first strike! A few big headshakes and then it was a simple matter of winding the fish in as it swam towards the rocks. There was not really a lot of fight in this lizard as he came in, until his head was brought out of the water and onto the rocks. He was not big by any standards, might have been touching on 25cm, but he was a slippery sucker! As I was trying to get the camera ready to take a quick snap, he took advantage of some slack in the line and spat the hook and slithered back into the water oops!

I swapped the Gulp which was a little worse for wear after being chomped on, with a homemade minnow in a caramel colour. Being 7" in length and thinking that was a bit optimistic, I decided to experiment and cut the tail off about 3 1/2" long and threaded that on the hook to see how it went.

Second cast, which was actually a little further out than I was previously fishing, and I was on again! humpie This time, there was less headshaking and a bit more fight on the light line as the fish swam all over the place. At one stage I thought it might have been a Bream, but the lack of speed and big runs had me reassessing that thought pretty quickly.

After a few minutes of trying to take it easy remembering I was on some pretty fine line, I got the fish close enough to see that it was another Flathead, this time a bit bigger and had a lot more fight in the shallows. smileyes Resisting the temptation to lift him out of the water, I hopped down to the waters edge and lead the fish up onto the rocks. This time I had the camera ready and while taking a couple of snaps, again I let some slack into the line and this one too spat the hook. I managed to get a couple of snaps and then gave him a little shove back into the water. This one was a nice dark fish, about 35cm long.

I stayed for another 15 minutes for nothing else and the wind started to pick up, so I decided to head off. All in all, I am happy with the way that my fishing is coming along with SPs and am confident that come November or December, I can get a good feed of Flathead on plastics. whistlingdixie


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