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Author Topic: New to forums? Start by reading this guide  (Read 3719 times)


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New to forums? Start by reading this guide
« on: August 07, 2011, 10:48:52 pm »
Hello Guest

New to forums? You are not alone, and it is with this in mind that we have developed this guide to using our forum. This basic guide contains all you need to get started. Further information on the functions of the site are available in the Site Tips board.

We hope this basic guide gives you enough information to be able to register, login, post replies and start new topics. Feel free to contact any of the moderators if you need assistance or think there is something that needs to be added to this guide or there is an easier way then is explained here.

Registering with FBT

Registration to FBT is free, gives you access to all the boards and information contained with the forum and is a relatively straight forward process. If you have made it this far, you can register by clicking the register link in the top right corner of the page, just above the search function. This will take you to the User Agreement page. Read through our terms of use and if you wish to continue, click the button at the bottom to accept the terms and continue.

You will now see the Registration page and this is where you will need to enter some information. All information is kept in the strictest of confidence and is not given over to anyone unless we are required to for legal reasons.

You need to choose a unique username. This will be your identifying name and you will need to remember it to be able to login in the future. Make it something that is not offensive to others and something you will remember.

Next you need to enter a valid email address. This will be the address we send any newsletters to, notify you of new personal messages, send notifications to posts if you have chosen to recieve them and most importantly at this stage, you will receive your confirmation of registration email at this address. Your email address cannot be seen by regular members, only moderators have access to this email address.

If you tick the box allowing other uses to email you, this will enable members other than moderators to email you. This is a totally personal choice and it does not effect any other functions of the forum.

Now you will need to choose a password and confirm it. Passwords are case sensitive and it is recommended to use something that is not easily guessed by anyone else and contains a combination of letters and numbers. If you forget your password, you will need to request a password reminder or email a moderator from the homepage to reset your password for you.

Last part of the registration process is to let us know who, if anyone, referred you to our site. Again, it doesn't effect your registration process, but we may use the referrals as a guide to better target our marketing and promotions, run competitions or other initiatives.

Now that you have completed entering all that information, all you need to do is to verify that you are indeed a human and not some sinister computer bot looking for information. Simply enter the letters in the Captcha image and answer the totally simple question.

Hit the Register button and sit back and wait for one of the moderators to check and approve your request! You will receive an email as soon as the moderators have done a quick check to confirm your details and accepted the registration request. Then the real fun begins! You can login and enjoy the information, friendships and fun that is Fishing & Botaing Tasmania!

Logging in to the forum

There are two ways to login to FBT. You can click on the Login in the top right corner of the page or you can click on the blue circle with the white star in it in the main menu under the logo. Both will take you to the same login page.

On the login page you will need to enter your username and password. If you have forgotten your password, click the link at the bottom of the page to request a reminder or ahve your password reset. You will need to make sure that the email address in your profile is up to date to recieve your password. If you do not get a reminder within a few hours or you know that your email address has changed, simply go back to the homepage and email us your username and we can go in and reset your password and update your email address.

You can either choose the amount of time you want to stay logged in for, after which time you will need to login again, or can stay logged in until you logout yourself. It is not recommended to choose to stay logged in if using a public or shared computer in case you forget to logout. This will give any other user of that computer access to all your details.

Once you have completed these details, click the Login button. You now have access to all the information contianed on FBT!

Categories, Boards, Topics & Posts

Our forum is made up of categories, boards, topics and posts. Before we explain any further how to use the site, it is worth explaining what the difference is and how you use them.

Categories - Categories are the seperate sections we have set up within the forum to keep all relative information together for ease of navigation and finding what you are looking for. They contain a range of information about the subject which is further refined and filtered by the boards.

You can collapse a category that you are not interested in by clicking the black triangle at the far right of the category heading bar. By clicking this, the category will 'shrink' to just the heading. You can expand a category again by clicking the triangle again.

Boards - Boards are like a sub category. We use them to further filter the subject matter into a more specific subject. The boards contain the individual topics.

Only moerators can add, remove or edit categories and boards. If there is a subject that we don't have that you feel would be of benefit to the site, feel free to contact a moderator to add or edit the categories an boards.

Topics - Topics are the individual discussions within the boards. new topics can be started by any registered member by clicking on the blue NEW TOPIC button at the top and bottom of the page. We ask that you keep the topics in the relevant board and category so it can be found easily by other members. From time to time, a moderator may decide that a topic is better moved to a different board or category or we may start a new board that better suits that topic. This is not a reflection on the topic starter, it is just part of keeping the forum functional, consistant and relevant.

When you start a topic, you will be asked to give the topic a title. Try to make it as relevant and short as possible. Once you have the title, you can go on and write your discussion or post.

Posts - Posts are the nuts and bolts of the discussion. It is where all the information, images and links are placed. We have no restrictions on the content of posts as long as they are not offensive, illegal or vulgar. We have an automatic system in place to censor offensive language and any post that is considered by a moderator to be in poor taste, offensive to an individual or the majority of members, contain illegal content will be removed or edited.

You can preview your post by clicking the preview button. The preview will display above the post text box. Once you are ready to show your post to the rest of the FBT community, click the save button. This will save your post to the board and it will be available for all other members, and in some cases guests, to read and reply to.

To reply to an existing post in a topic, simply click the blue reply button. You can preview your reply as above before saving it to the discussion.

Customizing The FBT Layout

There are two sidebars on FBT that contain all the important information like Online Users, Personal Messages, New Posts, Calendar, Login and more. These sidebars keep all the important and handy information close by at all times to make it easier to navigate and use the site.

You can customize these sidebars to suit your preferences by using the two arrows above the Personal Menu on the right of the page. Simply click these arrows to turn the sidebars on and off as you wish.

This should be enough information to get you started on using the FBT forum. For more information on other functions, check the Site Tips board or ask for assistance.

Enjoy the forum and thanks for joining in the fun that is Fishing & Boating Tasmania thumbsup1


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